Saturday, June 1, 2013

Today's catch: catfish roe and morels!

I don't understand why people get grossed out by the mere thought of certain foods.  Food doesn't grow in supermarkets!!  I like to eat like our ancestors did - there is SO much tasty nutrition out there, forgotten by today's world.  It's out there waiting for us to re-discover it.  And you know what?  It's worth being discovered!

Today Nick caught me a big ol' channel catfish and found it was full of roe - did a quick check online, and yup, edible!  Looked at several recipes, pretty much just fry 'em on up.  I decided to wait until tonight, hoping I'd have a bounty of morels to add to the frying pan.

Mom & I made a nice little haul of morels today in the woods.

So - on to supper!!  Most recipes I found for catfish roe said to dip them in beaten eggs and season with salt/pepper, fry until golden brown. I did that - beat the eggs, added salt/pepper, beat them some more, and added the roe to coat.  Tossed them in the pan with bacon fat, and put some morels into the remainder of the egg mixture, coated, and put them in the pan too.  When it was all done, I topped the plate with fresh picked wild onion and garlic chives.  Man oh MAN was that good!   Nick caught another channel catfish tonight, here's hoping that one's full of roe, too!

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