Monday, November 25, 2013

Mmmmmmm . . . Venison!!

I just had a plateful of fresh deer kidneys, oh yum!!  Braised them, then steamed them over low heat to finish.  I used one of my favorite sauces, a cherry wine/rosemary/garlic/meat juices glaze.  Added a little spicy brown mustard in there too.

This past weekend was our annual deer hunting weekend with friends.  I have to say I really, really love our friends!!  They helped us fill our tags, so we brought home 4 deer for our use, and 1 for a relative.  But because there are lots of tasty deer bits that most people don't use, we also brought home 13 hearts, 7 kidneys, 3 lungs, and 1 liver.  We somehow didn't come home with any spleens, but the season's not over yet so I'm still hoping!

We LOVE deer heart and kidneys!  The lungs were an experiment for our dog, Lola.  We raw feed her, and already know she doesn't tolerate much fresh liver but she does fine on dehydrated liver and dehydrated lungs (via the local pet food store) so we wanted to see how she'd do with fresh lungs.  Fine, so far!

After we dropped our deer off for processing, I called back to see if they'd also save the tongues for us (yes - yay!!).  Now, tongue is one of my most favorite cuts of meat - so rich and tender!  Deer tongues are fairly small - not sure if they're really big enough for a meal - but even if they're really small they'll make a nice treat for Lola.

It's funny, even the employees at the butcher shop looked at me funny when I said we save all that stuff - most people don't.  Somewhere along the years, most people decided that organs were "icky" and not worth eating when in fact they are much more nutritious than the muscle cuts!  And did I mention delicious??

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