Saturday, August 9, 2014

Zucchini anyone?

I don't know if it's the lack of bees or what, but the only thing really producing in my garden this year is the zucchini.  The rest of the squash, cukes, and miscellaneous plants just aren't doing too much.  Some of the plants are huge, with tons of flowers but little to no fruit, and some of the plants are still really small with little to no fruit.  I didn't plant by moon phases this year, seeing as the last couple years I didn't see much of any difference.

So, what to do with all that zucchini?

One of my favorite ways to cook zucchini is grilling them!  Oh YUM!! Super easy - slice them length-wise so they are about 1/4" thick. Coat them in oil and your favorite seasonings (Italian dressing works too!) and grill until there's grill marks, then flip 'em and keep grilling until there's grill marks on that side too.  They should be limp when done, and oh-so-tasty! Great with grilled meats, or by themselves for a light lunch.

Some news!  I just got in the 2nd edition print run of Cavemom's Cooking!!  I changed it up just a little - instead of a 5x7 print with a covered binding, I went with 5.5" x 8.5", spiral bound.  Loving the new look!!  There's just a couple left of the originals - once those are gone, I'll post the 2nd edition for sale.  I'm about 1/2 way thru creating recipes for Cavemom's Cooking Volume 2 (still need a good title instead of just "Volume 2") - I have a great idea for the cover photo for that one!

Last for tonight: an idea's been brewing in my  head:  I don't feel the urge to eat bread anymore, but someone close was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, and is having a hard time giving up bread.  I have no idea if this will work; I have yet to see a recipe for such, but pre-paleo I used to make a tasty beer bread recipe from scratch (using something other than beer, of course!).  Hoping to be able to successfully modify that one.  I've seen lots of recipes using baking soda and vinegar, so that's always an option . . . I have all the ingredients necessary, I just need to be brave enough to give it a go, and be willing to toss if it's terrible!! :)

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