Monday, February 25, 2013

Today is a good day.

Well, actually, it's a FASTASTIC day!!  The whole reason we got into paleo was because of our son.  Kaiden is four years old now, and is special needs.  He has low muscle tone and poor motor planning skills as well as some other issues.  Most children begin feeding themselves early on; Kaiden, until today, had not ever, not even once, EVER finger fed.  He'd pick up food and squish it, feed it to the dog, or feed it to me . . . but he would never put food in his own mouth.  Which is funny, because his hands and toys are always in his mouth. He will willingly pick up a loaded spoon and feed himself, and can load the spoon himself, but if he loads the spoon, there's just no way he will put it in his mouth. No way, Mom, not gonna happen. As long as someone else loads the spoon, he'll happily feed himself.  It's always been a big huge tantrum-filled deal to do hand-over-hand finger feeding.  But today . . .

Today he did it.  And not just once.  He demolished the rest of a bag of grapes while sitting on my lap!  Did it like he's done it all his life.  Kids.  They sure suprise you!!

Anyway . . . today is the first day my cookbook, Cavemom's Cooking, is up for sale!  I'm pretty excited about that.  When we went paleo, I never thought about writing a cookbook.  But as time went on and Kaiden made so much progress, I knew his story needed to be told.  And what better way than with what helped him the most?  Food.  So far it's just the e-book version, but printed copies will be made.

In the meantime, please come visit; I'll be posting recipes and food photos - some will be old favorites, and some will be the "hey look at the tasty food I just threw together tonight" kind of meals. 

Happy cooking everyone!!

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