Thursday, February 28, 2013

ooooh, smoked duck!!

We recently got ourselves a cheap little smoker on Walmart clearance.  With some modifications made to it (online suggestions from others who own the same one) it's a nice little unit.  We've since smoked pork roasts, chickens, side pork, northern pike, and today: a duck.

I don't have too much experience with duck; so far I only have 1 recipe I really like.  I looked at a few online smoked duck recipes - one was as simple as just maple syrup, salt, and pepper.  Another called for honey, soy sauce, garlic, and red wine. 

So, today's creation:

1 whole duck
sweet cherry wine (my favorite, of course)
maple syrup
sea salt
garlic granules

I poured a little wine into the cavity of the duck, poured on the maple syrup (and rubbed to thoroughly coat), sprinked on the seasonings. I did prick the skin a little bit with a filet knife.  Lola will get the neck and giblets with her supper.

There was of course some liquid leftover in the pan, so I took some side pork, smooshed it all around in the seasoned sweetened wine, put it on a rack and added salt and pepper to the top.  This will be smoked along with the duck. 

We're using mostly hickory, but some apple wood in the smoker too.  Can't wait to eat this one!!!

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