Monday, August 12, 2013

Garden Fresh Veggies!

If you were wondering what the results were of planting by moon phases, this is it! Zucchini, crookneck squash, beets, beet greens, green cucumbers, and lemon cucumbers!  Everything is growing nicely - except my herbs.  The lettuce, spinach, sorrel, and parsley are doing well, but the rosemary, oregano, marjoram, and thyme didn't - neither my indoor-started herbs nor my planted-right-in-the-garden herbs.  I do have 2 very very tiny rosemary plants and a few oregano plants, but that's about it.

I'm quite excited about this - can we possibly have chanterelles at the cabin?  Oh boy!  I hope there's still some there when we go next - they're supposed to have a longer growing season.  I didn't pick any last time because #1, I didn't expect them to be there, having never seen them there before, and #2, I didn't have any of my mushroom books with me to properly identify them.  The berry harvest was in full swing last trip.  We got many (albeit tiny) raspberries and blueberries, and even a couple gooseberries.  The gooseberry harvest is unusually slim this year.
I love this time of year - fresh harvest!  Home grown and wildcrafted!

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